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AlbarakaTech Global pioneers the rapid technological advancement by fostering and producing practical and relevant solutions that contribute to the success of its clients and the digital economy. We facilitate sophisticated technical solutions to a ready-to-use and straightforward solutions for our clients.

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Omni-Channel Framework

Connects with cloud-native access, big data, and secure multi-channel framework integrated into DevOps processes.

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Open Banking(APIs)

Our open banking services are designed for the new age of banking. It can be used securely and swiftly to interested third parties through API technology. A developer-friendly platform offers API catalogs and detailed documentation for each service.

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Mobile Banking Platform

Customizable and ready-to-use digital banking solutions. Our Mobile Banking Platform ensures to improve user engagement and enhance their experience with its simple UX design, functionality, bot support, and dynamic screens.

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AlbarakaTech Global founded in 2019 to meet the increasing demand to provide Information Technology solutions to the financial sector.

AlbarakaTech Global, founded by Albaraka Turk Participation Bank, the pioneer of Islamic banking in Turkey. They all operate under alBaraka Banking Group (ABG) umbrella, which operates in 17 countries with 700+ branches. AlbarakaTech Global holds 35 years of industry experience. This extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, combined with an innovative perspective, provide our customers with a competitive advantage, and create added value by deploying cutting-edge technologies, IT solutions, and services.

In the era of continuous digitalization, AlbarakaTech Global leads the way by offering optimal solutions to the financial sector. Our clients will be equipped with the proper and efficient tools to assist achieving their business objectives.

AlbarakaTech Global's mission is to be a leading IT and software solution provider in the national and international markets. We aim to penetrate the global software market by providing superior solutions and services that meet our clients' modern needs.

We are a global technology company that aims to have its footprint in the financial sector by our outstanding R & D research and superior services.

Albaraka Turk, which has focused on technology investments in the last 5 years, continues its investments in technology and entrepreneurs without slowing down by establishing the first interest-free digital banking platform Insha in Germany in 2018, Albaraka Tech Global in 2019 and Insha Ventures in 2020.


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Software Development

Provides end to end customizable software solutions with particular focus on the financial sector. Our service includes but is not limited to application development, integration, maintenance, and support services.

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Digital Transformation

Transforms legacy applications to microservices-based, containerized, distributed, scalable, flexible Cloud Native architecture by using DevOps capabilities.

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Training and Consultancy

Added value to your transformation projects with our in-depth experienced and exceptional team in financial technologies, emphasizing on microservices and artificial intelligence technologies.

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Project Management

AlbarakaTech Global Project Management team adds value at each stage of your projects with its result-oriented and solution-generating approach. It aims to achieve results within the timeframe, budget, and quality set by the client


AlbarakaTeh Global

Omni-Channel Framework

High-performance Multi-Channel framework integrated with DevOps processes and developed in the Cloud-Native approach. Microservices has fine-grained and flexible architecture. Easy integration, rapid development, and traceable in each action.

AlbarakaTeh Global

Open Banking

Opening banking services via APIs in a secure and agile way. Developer friendly by providing API Catalogue and detailed documentation. Also, it has a suitable structure to create non-catalog APIs depending on the client's demands.

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Digital / Mobile Banking

A digital banking solution takes the user experience to the highest level with its simple and user-friendly design, functionality, bot support, and dynamic screens. The ability to create applications of all stores with a single code structure reduces application development durations and enables swift application updates.

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End-to-End Artificial Intelligence Solutions

End-to-end advanced analytical solutions that clients need in the sector of Banking and Finance, with Marketing, Operations, and Digital Channel processes. Advanced analytical modeling techniques, including text analytics, are used in these solutions, which are compatible with current systems such as big data and microservices.

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Core Banking Solutions

Core banking solutions, including fund management, loans, channels, accounting, reporting, cash management, and almost all other banking products. The scalable structure can keep pace with fast-evolving markets; it decreases operational costs and ensures a less workforce is required to execute. This integrated system, which enables the processes to be accelerated, offers significant advantages in terms of user experience and new product development.


As AlbarakaTech Global, we embarked on our technology journey. From our experience to future innovations. As we take solid steps, we firmly believe that our most valuable asset is our employees. With them, we are continually progressing in a curious, exciting, passionate way.

If you share our vision, you have no reason not to apply. We will be waiting for your applications.

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